About MykoTroph

The Institute and its tasks.


One of the main tasks of the MykoTroph Institute is the free personal consultation. People are given advice on all health and nutrition issues relating to vital fungi by telephone or on site. For animal patients are extra two very experienced therapist for animals in the institut.

Research and science

Another important task of MykoTroph is further research into the effect and application of vital mushrooms. The institute evaluates scientific studies from all over the world and collects experience reports from holistic medicine and naturopathy.

Every two years, a MykoTroph delegation takes part in the “International Congress for MedicalMushrooms”. Here the current studies and developments for the application of the vital mushroomsare presented and discussed. By the research and clearing-up work of the institute the mushroom medicine gains in this country in the naturopathy and the alternative medicine increasingly in meaning.

Secured realizations for your recovery and health precaution

On the basis of the rich wealth of experience in traditional Chinese medicine and naturopathy, the comprehensive findings from international scientific studies as well as the many, many successful treatments, reliable statements can be made about the effectiveness of vital mushrooms. This ensures that the recommendations for use both in the institute and by the therapists trained by MykoTroph correspond to the best knowledge available today.

Comprehensive information

The Institute’s other tasks naturally include imparting the knowledge gained. As interest in vital fungi increases, so does interest in information about their possible applications in prevention and therapy.

MykoTroph makes the bundled knowledge available on lecture and information meetings, over information sheets, brochures, technical papers, books to all laymen interested in health and therapists.


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