Mycotherapy – healing with mushrooms

Mycotherapy is one of the oldest and most effective natural medicine therapies. Its origins lie in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The term “mycotherapy” stands for the use of medicinal mushrooms for improving health. Medicinal mushrooms have a long tradition in many cultural circles around the world. They are clearly distinct from the psychedelic “magic mushrooms” customary to alternative circles. Medicinal mushrooms have been used for centuries in South America and Asia.

However, the knowledge has also been available in Europe for a long time. Ötzi the Iceman, for example, had a representative of this natural medicine in his travel apothecary. Their use is of course most commonly known in Traditional Chinese Medicine, where medicinal mushrooms have been successfully used for centuries in preventative healthcare and treatment.

So-called “large mushrooms” are used, which you will be familiar with from the supermarket or nature. The most well-known representatives are Shiitake, Pleurotus and Reishi. Of course, there are also many others. The special feature of mycotherapy is that it is gentle but still very effective.

It goes far beyond an easing of symptoms. The aim of mycotherapy is always to heal the physical cause of an illness. It can also give hope once again to patients with lasting chronic diseases. Science has been involved for several decades with research in the field of medicinal mushrooms.

The current findings and studies are presented every two years at an international congress. The MykoTroph Institute allows these results to flow into its current webinars, therapy recommendations and free telephone advice. The good quality of the mushrooms used is decisive for the effectiveness of mycotherapy. We therefore recommend medicinal mushrooms of organic quality and cultivated in Germany. In addition you should make sure that you buy capsules with mushroom powder from the whole mushroom.


There are many suppliers of mushroom powders. You will find trustworthy manufacturers in Germany with controlled organic cultivation. Click here to find out what is important when buying.

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