Which mushroom powder is right for you?

Why you should look carefully when choosing your supplier.

Many years of experience have shown us that there are very large quality differences between individual growers and suppliers. Based on these findings, we only recommend vital mushrooms that have been cultivated and gently processed in Germany and are certified according to the EC Organic Regulation.

When choosing your vital mushrooms, one of the most important quality features is that it contains powder from the whole mushroom. With the designation “mushroom powder from the whole mushroom” and “organic vital mushrooms from German cultivation” you can really be sure that your capsules contain all the important active ingredients. In the case of Reishi mushroom powder, also make sure that the particularly valuable spores have been added.

Pay attention to trustworthy sources

We recommend mushroom powder from the whole mushroom, because this is the only way to make sure that all active ingredients remain in their natural composition. In addition, trustworthy suppliers also pay attention to gentle processing. This includes drying the ripe harvested mushrooms at low temperatures and gentle grinding.

Safe packaging in capsules

For various reasons, we recommend vital mushrooms in capsule form only: Loosely packed mushroom powder absorbs moisture very quickly. This significantly compromises the quality of the powder, as it can mold very quickly – and often not visibly.

In addition, many of the valuable ingredients can become unusable or even harmful through contact with oxygen. Especially the healthy fatty acids and the vitamins are very sensitive to oxygen. Capsules refrains the mushroom powder from harmful impacts.

Reishi mit Pulver im Holzlöffel und Kapseln

Furthermore, we would advise you not to consume mushroom powder in tablet form as fillers and adhesives are used for the production of tablets.

Effect and ingredients of mushroom powder from the whole mushroom

When using vital mushrooms for therapeutic purposes, it is essential to ensure that only the best quality products are used. Due to its high level of enzymes mushroom powder from the whole mushroom is able to break down toxins in the body and make them excretory. For this reason, the mushrooms should come from certified organic cultivation in Germany. This ensures that there are no toxins or pollutants in the mushrooms to be used. These unpolluted mushrooms then act like a catalyst and extract the toxins from the body. For detoxification, especially the enzymes, which are abundantly contained in the mushroom powder from the whole mushroom, are of crucial importance.


Triterpenes belong to the most effective ingredients of vital mushrooms. They predominantly are found in the fruiting body, mainly in the lamellae and spores of the mature mushroom cap.(1) Triterpenes can have anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, cholesterol- and blood pressure-lowering as well as antitumoral effects.(2)

Polysaccharides, glycoproteins

Polysaccharides (ß-glycans) belong to the family of long-chain carbohydrates. The fruiting body contains a higher total amount as well as a higher number of different polysaccharides than the mycelium alone.(3) Several studies have shown that a mixture of different polysaccharides has a stronger effect on the immune system.(3, 4, 5, 6) The higher the molecular weight and the more branched the structure, the greater its antitumor effect.(3)

Glycoproteins are high molecular weight and complex molecules composed of beta-glucans (polysaccharides) and proteins. The effect of some glycoproteins sometimes exceeds that of beta-glucans. Among other things, glycoproteins have been shown to have anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic properties.(2, 3) During extraction processes, the protein structure of glycoproteins is affected, which can weaken their effect.


Enzymes are found in all our cells and tissues. As biocatalysts, they regulate or accelerate all metabolic processes. Thus, they ensure a regulated digestion, an optimal blood flow, an intact defense, the duplication of our genetic material and an optimal hormone effect. Mushrooms are generally very rich in enzymes. Enzymes, however, are extremely heat-labile and can be inactivated at temperatures as low as 40 °C. However, in powder made from the whole mushroom, which has been gently dried, they remain intact.

Vital mushrooms contain, among others, antioxidant enzymes such as superoxide dismutase (SOD) and laccase, as well as enzymes which:
– improve the blood flow
– aid the digestion
– participate in the suppression of cell proliferation (glucose-2-oxidase)
– are involved in the detoxification of the organism (peroxidases, cytochrome P450)(2, 7, 8)


Our organism is constantly confronted with various toxins. They either come from external sources or they are producuced within the metabolism. The body tries to transform them into harmless substances or into a form that can be eliminated. It also has to ensure that they can be eliminated via the excretory organs. Mushrooms contain enzymes that are necessary for the various stages of detoxification. Thus they can significantly boost the detoxification process. There is always the risk of a high oxidative stress load. Mushrooms can reduce this risk with the help of their antioxidative enzymes.(2, 7, 8)

Vitamins and minerals

Mushroom powder from the whole mushroom is rich in minerals and trace elements. Potassium and phosphorus as well as calcium and magnesium are found in a balanced ratio. Also trace elements such as copper and iron and especially selenium are contained.(1, 2) Mushrooms also are a rich source of various vitamins; for example, B vitamins and vitamins D and E. Some mushrooms also contain vitamins A and C, but only in small quantities.


Another interesting ingredient of the mushroom powder from the whole mushroom is chitin, a ubiquitous polysaccharide found in fungi, insects and parasites. To break down chitin, the human organism has developed the enzyme chitinase. In the stomach, this enzyme helps that the mushrooms are digested well. Thus, the valuable ingredients contained can be well absorbed. Furthermore, chitinase is found in activated macrophages. These react to chitin like to a pathogen. Therefore, chitin has a stimulating as well as training effect on our immune system.(9)

At the same time, chitin reduces fat absorption in the intestine. This means that also less cholesterol is absorbed through the intestine, whereby chitin furthermore contributes to the lowering of cholesterol. The breakdown of chitin also makes glucosamine available from the mushroom. Glucosamine is the basic building material for cartilage and is needed in the body to repair and rebuild damaged cartilage. Glucosamine thus has a positive effect on joint health. As a dietary fibre, chitin also has a prebiotic effect in the intestine and thus contributes to a healthy microbiome. Chitin has a very large surface area and is therefore able to absorb and excrete toxins and even radioactivity.(10)

Please consult your therapist before use.

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