Skin complaints – alternative, effective treatment methods

Medicinal mushrooms help those affected to feel comfortable in their own skin again.

Our skin, the biggest organ of all, is subject to numerous burdens every day. Many external and inner factors affect its health and can obstruct its important barrier and defence function.

Mirror of inner health – mirror of the psyche

There are many external influences that take their toll on our skin. These include air pollution, excessive UV rays, desiccating cleaning agents, certain cosmetics, dry heating air and many others. However, our skin also always reflects our inner health. For example, allergic and inflammatory processes or disorders in the digestive tract – especially a weakened microbiome – can cause skin problems and skin disorders or make them flare up repeatedly. The same applies to a compromised mental balance such as through ongoing negative stress or overburdening.

Chronic skin complaints are on a constant increase

These include, in particular, eczema and neurodermatitis – also called atopic or endogenous eczema. In treatment it is extremely important to take account of the “inner” causes. A purely external, local treatment may bring some relief but rarely leads to long-term healing.

Additional factors that affect the health of our skin:

  • Disturbances of the acid-base balance
  • Food intolerances
  • Chronic intestinal disorders
  • General immune weakness of the body
  • Psychosocial stress, excess pressure
  • Mental tension
  • Suppressed elimination through the skin due to allopathic measures

Strong helper from the inside

If the skin displays changes, often the detoxification cycle is disturbed. If two of the four elimination organs (liver, lymph system, gastrointestinal tract or kidneys) are no longer able to ensure detoxification, the body resorts to the skin as a fifth elimination organ.

The medicinal mushrooms Hericium and Reishi exert an anti-inflammatory, antiallergenic and antibacterial effect due to their constituent substances. They therefore ease itching of the skin and support the healing of skin irritations. In addition, they strengthen the microbiome and the mucosal barrier in the intestines, supporting “inner” detoxification. The erinacines of Hericium additionally support relaxation, which is advantageous especially for neurodermatitis.

Medicinal mushrooms can strengthen and regenerate the detoxification organs in a targeted manner. This eases the burden on the skin and it can recover. The medicinal mushroom Reishi, for example, has a strong association with the liver, which is our biggest detoxification organ. The polysaccharides it contains regulate the immune system and accelerate the detoxification process. The triterpenes contained in the fruiting body of the mushroom reduce the release of histamine. This has a positive effect, for example, on itching.

Soothing care from the outside

Of course, a really good soothing skin cream is very important for our skin. When selecting one, one should pay attention to criteria such as organic quality. It should also contain exclusively natural substances.

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